Holding time testing

Residence Time (Holding Time) Testing and Verification


To ensure all harmful micro-organisms are killed, pasteurisation involves heating the product to recognised international standards before it is cooled again. A combination of time and temperature is used to ensure that the product’s taste, appearance, and nutritional value are not altered.

The holding time should be established as a “Critical Control Point” in any maintenance and preventative maintenance system. Without the monitoring and measuring this critical aspect of the pasteurisation process, the likelihood of product safety hazards could occur with the possibility of damage to your brand image, which can be caused by negative media attention.

Residence Time Testing

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We provide the expertise and the solution to certify the holding time process/verification to the standards accepted by food safety directives, standards and supermarkets, using equipment designed and manufactured for holding time testing.

INDEi offers the holding time analysis system as part of the overall periodic maintenance system for plate and tubular pasteurisers and heat exchangers or as a stand-alone test complying with reliable legislation hygienic, accurate and traceability measuring solution.

Residence Time Testing and Verification

Independent Integrity Inspections

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Saline Conductivity Testing Method

Using the saline conductivity method and equipment provided by Lumenite Control Technology, the Company can reproduce the results time and time again, year after year as long as the critical components have not been changed, i.e. pump, length of holding tube.

The saline conductivity testing method is the traditional international recognised method where a saline solution is injected at the holding tube’s starting point and is detected by a conductivity probe. When the solution has reached the other conductivity probe, the time is calculated.

Thermal Check Testing Method

The thermal check method is a non-intrusive test and can be carried out during production. Thermocouples are placed at the beginning and the end of the holding tubes/section, a heat rise is applied to the processing plant, which is detected by the Thermal Laptop, and the time is calculated.

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