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Innovative integrity testing and inspection solutions for spray dryers, tank, silo and heat exchangers

Heat exchanger testing and pasteuriser inspection

Independent Integrity Inspection Limited (INDEi) offers innovative solutions for the crack testing and inspection of various type heat exchangers and pasteurisers including plate, tubular and scraped type heat exchangers.
Testing plate heat exchangers and pasteurizers using saline conductivity method (PCIS)
Using our unique bespoke testing methods, we are able to quickly inspect, report and provide assistance for all your inspection requirements to meet HACCP and CCP requirements
Our services are proven to provide a crucial edge in a preventative maintenance program; by the definitive testing of heat exchangers and pasteurisers.  Our rapid, accurate testing methods allow several heat exchangers to be tested in a single day which reduces production downtime and eliminates potential cross-contamination issues being created within the production process line.
Independent Integrity Inspection Limited utilises both the saline conductivity method and the helium gas methods, we provide both services to give you the option to choose your preferred method of integrity testing that's most suitable to your heat exchangers and production requirements.

Independent Integrity Inspection Limited (INDEi)

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