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Remote Visual Inspection / Endoscope / Video scope examination

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In varied industries ranging from medical and pharmaceutical to mechanical and petrochemical to automotive, the use of remote visual inspection or video endoscope examination has been widely used by many professionals to access internal areas of restricted access without needing disassembling surrounding structures or machinery.

Over the years, the technology has enabled the use of lighter equipment, clearer coloured displays, and downloadable images to ensure that the component or item under examination is fit for purpose.

It allows the user to discover any problems before they cause a major problem. Independent Integrity Inspection Limited (INDEi) has the latest Olympus video endoscope equipment to inspect any application requiring a recordable image making it possible to inspect otherwise difficult-to-reach areas, such as inside turbine and piston engines, pipes, air-frames, tanks, vessels and other voids, including behind walls.

Any complex geometry set-up can be inspected with just small access needed.

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Remote Visual Inspection

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Pipeline inspection

As with all pipelines, these service lines need to be inspected to determine whether a leak is currently happening or is likely to occur shortly. This has recently become a larger concern given the age of some service lines. Many older service lines were made of cast iron, and they can crack and corrode, resulting in leaks.

Leaks can have damaging consequences. Therefore, the service lines must be regularly inspected using non-destructive testing (NDT) or remote visual inspection (RVI) methods to help ensure continuing safety. Video endoscope technologies allow an inspector to see whether cracks exist on the inside of these service lines. A hairline crack is all that is needed to cause a leak, making image quality a critical factor in a visual inspection. The higher resolution the image is, the easier and quicker it is to recognise a crack’s presence reliably.

Our equipment delivers a high-resolution image, a bright light source, high-quality optics, the latest imaging sensor technology and effective image reproduction. This capability with the wealth of knowledge and highly qualified INDEi technicians meets the clients’ needs time after time, working closely with them to ensure a reliable, quality compliant and cost-efficient method of testing.

We support you in determining the best solution for cost-efficiently maintaining production, quality and regulatory requirements.
We are the one source for all of the inspection methods needed to meet your specific requirements for accurate and reliable results.

The driving force at the core of our INDEi values is that customers must come first.

All employees understand that it is possible to ensure that inquiries are dealt with promptly through dedication and determination. Anyone looking for an answer to a technical question receives an immediate response.

We believe that our services should be carried out professionally, accurately and delivering the optimal solution to our customers testing and process monitoring requirements.
We are committed to maintaining our position as a leading company within our field. We, therefore, continuously research and invest in our testing activities.
Consequently, for INDEi, innovation is not just a catchphrase – it is a matter of course, to secure our business's future success.

Since the creation of the company INDEi has worked tirelessly to provide a global platform for the provision of inspection services.

The company presently operates over several continents including Europe, Asia and North America and the hope that this will continue to expand in years to come.

We believe that by adhering to the company's key values and working hard, we can ensure that the future of INDEi is a bright one. We will be fostering new global partnerships to expand our technical services into new countries and industrial sectors.
We will be working to develop and release new services to add to our range. Above all, we will be working tirelessly to ensure that our customer’s experiences of working with INDEi are positive and fruitful so that they return to us time and time again.
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Food manufacturing, dairy and beverage production

Our most popular services