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Spray dryer inspection and testing

Spray dryer inspection and testing

09th Feb 2018

The importance of regular examination and testing of a spray dryer chamber is paramount in today's industries, cracks and defects have the potential source of microbial contamination that may lead to food spoilage or transmission of diseases.

The examination of a spray dryer chamber is normally carried out by scaffolding the internal area which in turn could cause additional damage from pole supports and contamination from wooden / plastic splinters.

There is an alternative, INDEi have developed a state of the art inspection platform for use in spray dryers, vats, tanks and cyclones which is advantageous over the traditional method with less downtime, fewer costs, elimination of blind spots and of course no risk of damage from scaffolding poles.

There are several NDT processes that can be used for the internal inspection of spray dryers, namely liquid penetrant inspection and eddy current examination and derivatives.

All testing are carried out by highly qualified technicians who are certified to either PCN or SNT-TC-1A level II (PCN is an internationally recognised certification scheme that complies with BS EN ISO 9712 : 2012 - The European Standard for the Qualification and Certification of NDT personnel). The qualifications are supplemented by the wealth of experience of each and every technician with years of inspection and testing between them.