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Flow Rate Confirmation and Analysis

Flow Rate Confirmation and Analysis

The use of flow meters in various industries and the critical aspect of them running at optimum performance levels has increased over the last few years, encompassed with new legislation concerning energy monitoring, reducing energy consumption and the environment, the verification of a flow meter is paramount to any business competing in today's work environment.

Where it is not possible to remove the meter from the field, it is possible to verify the device in-situ.  This can establish and eliminate costly errors and keeping the core of the business running efficiently and correctly.

Independent Integrity Inspection Limited (INDEI) has the capability to offer a comprehensive verification service in the application of non-invasive and clamp-on flow meters.  Utilising the latest ultrasonic flow meters to measure flow rates, inaccurate flow meters can be a thing of the past with no interruption to flow or modifications to pipework needed.

Ultrasonic flow meters are only as good as the people who use them. Many systems can be used by semi-skilled people, the best results come from INDEI technicians with their expertise and experience in the world of measuring flow rates on various plant and equipment.