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Process Plant Inspection and Testing

Process Plant Inspection and Testing

Heat exchanger inspection using the saline conductivity methodFood and beverage safety concerns are enough to bring a company to the media's attention.  The introduction of laws, directives and standards such as ISO 22000, EFSA, IFS or BRC require all companies manufacturing food and beverages products to make their manufacturing processes transparent and as safe as possible.  The possibilities for contamination from heat exchangers, pasteurisers, process tanks, vessels and silos are endless, using INDEI inspection and testing services greatly reduces the risk to a minimal or to eliminate the risk completely.  Could you have a leak or a crack? Do you just require one test or require part of a preventative maintenance programme?

Experts at Your Service

Food and beverage manufacturers rely on qualified and well equipped INDEI technicians to provide a personal service.  We make sure process plant inspection and testing requirements are achieved efficiently and cost effectively.

We combine our knowledge of food and beverage regulations and applications with the innovative range of testing equipment and experienced professionals to provide high-value products and tailored inspection solutions that meets your needs.

We support you in determining the best solution for cost-efficiently maintaining production, quality and regulatory requirements.

We are the one source for all of the inspection methods needed to meet your specific requirements for accurate and reliable results, hygienic, traceability and maintenance management, specialists in heat exchanger testing and pasteuriser inspection.

  • Pasteuriser and heat exchanger inspection (plate, scraped surface, duo-plate, brazed and tubular)
  • Holding time testing
  • Tank, vessel and silo inspection
  • Spray dryer inspection
  • Fluid bed inspection
  • Bag filter inspection
  • Bio-film validation and inspection
  • CIP effectiveness survey
  • Crack and leaking investigation
  • Flow rate confirmation and monitoring                

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