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Magnetic Particle Inspection (MT)

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MT)

Magnetic particle inspection using a the bench unitThe magnetic particle inspection (MPI) method of non destructive testing is a method for locating surface and sub-surface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials.  When the item under examination is magnetised, discontinuities that lie in a direction generally transverse to the direction of the magnetic field, will cause a magnetic leakage field to be formed at or above the surface of the item.  The presence of this magnetic leakage field, and therefore, the presence of the discontinuity, is detected by use of finely divided ferromagnetic particles applied over the surface, some of these particles being gathered and held by the leakage field.  This magnetically held collection of particles forms an outline of the discontinuity and indicates its location, size, shape and extent.

Independent Integrity Inspection Limited (INDEi) offers both on-site and in-house Magnetic Particle Inspection (MT) services as required by our clients.


Magnetic particle inspection of a circumferential pipe weldWith a selection of ITW Magnaflux portable and laboratory based testing equipment INDEi can offer a range of testing services including magnetic yoke, coil and bench unit facilities with full wave DC up to 6500 amps A.C. and magnetic flow, and with visible contrast paint and fluorescent techniques available.

The magnetic particle inspection process is ideal for the detection of near surface or surface breaking discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials and is utilised for the examination of welds, castings, forgings and final machined components. INDEi offer a comprehensive service on-site to both new build as well as in service inspection of existing components and structures.

Magnetic particle inspection of the internal weld of a pipeline


Our inspection engineering staff include personnel qualified to both BiNDT PCN Level II and SNT.

All staff qualified in confined spaces and emergency procedures, safety passports and industry passports.  INDEi are able to carry out your magnetic particle requirements in all locations and environments.