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Eddy Current Testing (ET)

Eddy Current Testing (ET)


Eddy current examination of internal welds located in a spray dryer


Eddy current inspection (ET) is an effective tool for a variety of applications in

Non Destructive Testing.  Many different uses for eddy current equipment exist, not just for detecting surface and near-surface flaws, the ability to determine the thickness of a coating or used for sorting evaluations can be utilised by means of an eddy current testing technique.

This method is specifically advantageous, compared to classic surface crack testing such as penetrant.  It is the ability to test through layers of paint and to test components at high temperatures.





Independent Integrity Inspection Limited (INDEi) has become an invaluable partner to a number of clients for the testing of their components, plant or equipment when other methods are not practical or not possible.  INDEi personnel are highly trained to PCN Level II accreditation and have a wealth of knowledge regarding the eddy current testing systems and abilities. This with the light and portable eddy current equipment proves to be invaluable to many industries and their requirements.


Eddy current examination of a cheese VAT outlet