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Thermal Imaging Survey and Examination

Thermal Imaging Survey and Examination

Thermal imaging of a electrical connectionThermal imaging over the years is fast becoming not just a rapid means of identifying problem areas, and the location of faults that are not detectable using conventional methods but for the environmental aspect of carrying out a thermal imaging survey on plant, buildings and machinery.

The environment and reducing the carbon footprint is crucial to any continuing business.  Thermal imaging can be adapted and used to identify and reduce costly areas of concern thus ensuring todays and tomorrows legislation and requirements are met or exceeded

Independent Integrity Inspection Limited (INDEI) utilises the latest in thermal imaging equipment combined with professional employees incorporating the non-intrusive, non-invasive and non-destructive thermal imaging method to help our clients identify problem areas in a variety of applications across a wide range of industries from electrical to mechanical and medical to petrochemical applications.

Thermal imaging of a product silo used in the dairy industry