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Positive Material Identification (PMI) / Alloy Verification (AV)

Positive Material Identification (PMI) / Alloy Verification (AV)

With food and beverage producers placing increasing demands on material performance and material design being pushed to the limit, the need to ensure that the correct material specifications are being used has become even more essential.

Portable positive material identification (PMI) is an indispensable tool in modern fabrication of pipework and plant, and provides the safeguard that the right metal and grade is used in process systems where corrosive conditions, high temperatures and pressures meet. 

Without Positive Material Identification (PMI) the errors created in using incorrect material could result in costly rectification, hygiene contamination or at worse product failure during service with possible catastrophic results.

Our Positive Material Identification (PMI) services offer the assurance and material traceability requirement for today’s process plant engineering suppliers and manufacturers. Whether the inspection requirement is for GO / NO GO match or full analysis of the alloying composition, Independent Integrity Inspection Limited (INDEI) can supply.

INDEi offer an unparalleled nationwide Positive Material Identification (PMI) service either on site or at our Swindon premises utilising the latest XRF technology, backed up by certified reference materials and highly qualified engineers.


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